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Blog - Articles tagged with Git

  • Deploying kirby with git

    26 July 2012

    I was introduced to Kirby by my good friend Nils Hendriks. Since then i fell in love with it, mainly its architecture, templating and ease-of-use. Artminister is built on kirby, fully version controlled with git. Kirby is a file-based CMS which can be used for small and mid-sized websites. No…

  • Working with Git and SVN Repository

    15 January 2011

    Lately I have been working on some projects where the files are hosted in svn repository, and since git has built in support for svn, it was a breeze to set it up. Clients use Versions to commit/log the changes and UnFuddle is where all the svn source files are hosted. Some of the git commands are…

  • Git and Expression Engine

    18 December 2010

    How do you configure Expression Engine to run with the most powerful version control architecture Git. I have had experience using both EE 1.6 and EE 2 with git. EE 1.6 was a real headache mainly because of template synchronization. Let me give you a walk-through to using Git and EE2 on Eleven2…