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  • Deploying kirby with git

    26 July 2012

    I was introduced to Kirby by my good friend Nils Hendriks. Since then i fell in love with it, mainly its architecture, templating and ease-of-use. Artminister is built on kirby, fully version controlled with git. Kirby is a file-based CMS which can be used for small and mid-sized websites. No…

  • CMS Express, Convert your static websites to CMS

    23 July 2012

    Today we are launching a new service - CMS Express. Starting at only S$3000, we will convert your existing static website to a CMS managed dynamic website. CMS Express solution enables non-technical users to update their website with ease. You will be able to (but not limited to) Add/Delete/Update…

  • Create styleguides with KSS and Styledocco

    15 July 2012

    Documenting CSS and HTML is one of the key steps in front-end development. Especially when you are working with another company and you have to handover your hand-coded html/css. Most of the time they come back to us, asking us "how do i generate a green button", "how do i create a blockquote" etc.…

  • Middleman and Front-end Development

    13 July 2012

    Middleman is a ruby gem for front-end developers, basically a static html site generator, which can turbo-charge your development process. Middleman provides all the ruby goodness such as templating languages, cache busting, relative assets, minification and compression. You can even use third…

  • Preventing Spam Members and Links in Expression Engine

    27 November 2011

    One thing EE developer forget is that, membership is always set to "ON" in the configuration. Even the membership triggering word is set to "member". This can lead to a lot of spam member registrations, and these members post links in their signatures. In EE, member profiles are public by default.…